"An apple a day ..."

Sea Green Consulting believes that prevention is better than the cure.

We offer legal training, advice on systems, procedures and contracts from a legal perspective to reduce risk and uncertainty.

About Sea Green Consulting

Sea Green Consulting provides advice to companies engaged in shipping and international trade on  their systems, procedures and contracts, from a legal perspective, in order to try to reduce risk and uncertainty. Secondly, it provides legal training, based on English law, to companies involved in shipping and international trade.  Thirdly, it acts as an agent for the service of process.

Sea Green Consulting was founded by Ted Graham in 2018. Ted was formally a partner at the law firm Ince & Co, having joined that firm in 1994.

Sea Green Consulting is associated with the UK based law firm ‘Sea Green Law Ltd’, but Sea Green Consulting is not a law firm, and it is not authorised or regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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