Training and lecturing

Ted is one of Bimco’s lecturers having helped deliver several of their three day courses on time charterers and also on bills of lading. See

Ted was invited to speak at Gard’s prestigious summer seminar in 2017 on ‘Pitfalls and Traps in Shipping from a Legal Perspective’. He was also a speaker and panelist at TradeWinds’ Tanker Charters Forum in Geneva in 2015. In 2018 he was invited to speak to Credit Suisse on bills of lading and letters of credit.

Ted also runs training course for some of his larger clients. Set out below are some examples of the lectures and workshops that he has run.


  • Unsafe ports in the wake of the Ocean Victory case.
  • Cargo claims and the burden of proof following the decision in Volcafe.
  • Unseaworthiness and due diligence.
  • Bills of lading – every aspect of bills.
  • Time charters – every aspect of time charters.


  • Demurrage under sale contracts.
  • Recovering damages under sale contracts.
  • Certificate final clauses.
  • When is there a binding contract?
  • Recovering damages under sale contracts.
  • Incoterms.
  • Bills of lading and letters of credit.
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