It’s a good idea to see your dentist every year for a check up – it will save you some money (and pain) in the long run. The same applies to way you run your business, in particular the way you get your standard terms to apply, and the quality of the contracts you enter into.

Pior to starting Sea Green Consulting, Ted worked with a lot of companies in order to improve (1) their standard contracts and (2) the way they entered into contracts. Highlights included:

Trading contracts

Assisting an oil major to draft their own complete suite of trading terms covering every single Incoterm. See

Drafting a Repo for a Swiss based trader for their metal trading operations.

Redrafting GTCs for a major bunker trader.

Assisting an international mining company, which employs over 100,000 people, to draft their standard sale contracts for ferro-nickel.

Shipping Contracts

Assisting an Australian energy company to draft their own LNG time charter.

Numerous reviews of shelltime, NYPE and Gencon charters for various charterers and owners.


Assisting one of the World’s largest container lines with various issues relating to their website and the way that cargo is booked.

Assisting one of the IG P&I Clubs with amendents to their rules and procedures for renewals.

Pricing and People

In terms of cost, we charge fixed fees for specific jobs, often spread out over a number of months. The cost depends on the nature of the job and which of our consulants will be involved. Please contact us for a quote.

In terms of people, all the projects we are involved in are led by Ted Graham, who has nearly 25 years of experience as a shipping and trading lawyer in London. But we also have a lot of highly skilled and experienced contacts in the indusry and, where appropriate, we will put together the right team for the job in hand, blending legal and practical expertise.

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